KLI, did you know that?

  • In Japan, due to La Nina, the temperature is 5~6℃ hotter than usual everyday. But we put on mask to avoid infect COVIT-19 (BA.5 & BA.2.75 (Centaur).

  • We are proud that Ms. Shibuno Hinako, Japanese Pro-Golfer won the third place at AG Women’s Open!

  • Regarding to traffic from to JPN and USA, our esteemed co-loader, SEINO LOGIX has provide alternative route service to avoid delay. And we, KLI also use these services and are evaluated from customer.

  • For Chicago, they have weekly trailer service from LAX to CHI by themselves (called LE66 service).

  • For NYC of east bound, they provide below 2 services. One is from JPN main port to NYC via Panama, T/T about 50 days.

  • The other is west route, from JPN main port to NYC via Rotterdam, T/T about 70 days. Transit time of these services are longer than regular service, but the cost of transportation is cheaper than to using air freight.