Jordex expansion to Dubai

We are pleased to announce that Jordex has opened a fourth branch office. In addition to the head office in Rotterdam, an office in Abu Dhabi and the recently opened air cargo office in Amsterdam, Jordex Global in Dubai has opened its doors on 15 December 2019. We congratulate Jordex Global with the opening of the new office.

Dubai has developed itself as the hub between Asia, Africa and Europe. The Emirate is no longer depending on the oil industry and the diversified economy is growing rapidly. Thanks to its central location, it not only connects different worlds, but also the Northern Emirates, an area that is also in full development, within convenient reach.

The reason for opening a physical office in Dubai is because their customers told them this is what they are looking for. The back office will still be operating from Abu Dhabi, but with an office in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) in Dubai they are closer to their customers and can serve them faster and better. The eighty towers are located in a free zone where many trading activities take place.

Jordex Global Dubai becomes a local office with Dennis Noordijk as general manager. Dennis Noordijk started in Rotterdam at Jordex Shipping & Forwarding and emigrated to Abu Dhabi to establish Jordex Global in Abu Dhabi five years ago. In addition to Dennis, two new employees have been added to the team at Jordex Global. They have years of experience in the region and are familiar with the culture.

Dennis Noordijk has taken the Rotterdam mentality to the Middle East. Jordex is always looking for progress. Only the very best service is good enough to conquer the world. Although they live in a completely different culture, their customers can certainly appreciate this attitude.