Over the past few weeks, residents in Shanghai have confronted not only the most unexpected but also the most significant troubles because of the Omicron virus. Unprecedented levels of restrictions heavily weighed on people’s daily life, making securing daily necessities such as fruits and vegetable harder than usual at this special moment and adding further pressure this turmoil is creating.

At FS, a way in which we take care of our staff members is being by their side when times are hard.  Since the start of the lockdown, F S followed the situation in Shanghai closely and instantly rose to the challenges posed by Omicron.  Under the immense and timely support of our Head Office, the concerted efforts and collaboration from various departments , we managed to deliver food package our staff.

The safety and health of our employees is the bedrock of the F S’s success and one of our main responsibilities. Humanity and solidarity shine in trying times. United we are strong, connected we are family!

Shanghai reported 3,625 locally transmitted asymptomatic infections Sunday 8th of May, out of a total of 3,859 local asymptomatic carriers newly identified on the mainland. As of last Tuesday, around 15.5 million people now live in precautionary zones, 5.3 million people in controlled zones and 2.5 million people in locked-down zones. All employees of  FS Sha will work from home from 9th May  to 13th May

Abovw shanghai daily confirmed cases and asymptomatic cases data for your rfc :
Yellow line: asymptomatic cases.
Blue line: confirmed cases