Go Mexico! Go China!

April 10, the second "Peace Messenger", known as the Government of Mexico medical charter flights, departed from Shanghai Pudong Airport on time. Once again, FS Shanghai is playing an important role.

With the successful take-off of the first "Misionero de Paz" on April 7, we soon ushered in the second series of operations for domestic transportation,
customs declaration, inspection, boarding and other operations for Mexican medical supplies Mission. Unlike the panic of the first assignment, the
colleagues of FS Shanghai collaborated in the division of labor. The whole operation was methodical and well prepared. The goods were delivered to the airport on time and successfully loaded onto the cabin smoothly. Meanwhile, upon communication as well as obtaining the approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, our cargo was not only placed in the warehouse, but also allowed to be placed on seat. It was increasing the volume of medical supplies and also meeting the needs of the Mexican government to a greater extent.

It is an honor for FS Shanghai to once again take on such a heavy responsibility and to have the trust of the Mexican government. "The mountains and the rivers are different, the wind and the moon are the same", the epidemic has affected our lives and the lives of the Mexican
people, but it will not affect our friendship and our mutual help in times of crisis. We are convinced that as long as we do what is within our power, unite with the people of all countries, we will be able to overcome the difficulties.