Xchange Logistics Corporation; Xpress The Xcellence

XCHANGE is a global provider of transportation and supply chain services; the owner Skye Xu and each employee share a vision to constantly strive towards achieving the company’s goals. From our inception back in 2013 to now, Xchange has gone from three to more than two hundred employees. 

No one can understand the hardships better than our founder. Skye Xu was born in Beijing, China, and raised as a native of Los Angeles, California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and computer science from Saint Mary’s University Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has ten years of entrepreneurship in the airline transportation, warehousing, and logistics industry. Moreover, He is a US Army Reserve (active) and trusted partner participating in both the US CRAF and US TRANSCOM programs. 

Skye serves as a board member for NGO Guardians of the Angeles. Skye is a proven leader in managing CCSF and CFS cargo businesses, successfully supporting trusted airline partners in the handling and processing of their valued cargo at major US airport hubs. 

Xchange’s company business philosophy is that we are more than a professional intermediary facilitator between shippers, agents, carriers, importers, 3PLs, and our employees also care about contributing to the planet environment and the world. 

For example, the importance of the transportation industry is even more evident in this covid-19 epidemic. Skye has dedicated his time and efforts to supporting the Chinese and American people during the COVID 19 crisis with aircraft donations, BYD masks, PPEs, warehousing, and distribution.

Immediately afterward, under the founder’s leadership, we were first involved in shipping the donated epidemic prevention materials to China, then exporting all the ihealth covid-19 test kits from China to the United States. For everyone in our company, every shipment transaction is a heavy responsibility.

One of the most valuable things about our company is that we value and care about the opinions and feelings of every one of our employees. For example, we are recently redesigning our website. In selecting the color scheme for the site, we let our employees vote on the site’s overall color scheme.

Xchange is always trying to demonstrate unity and inclusiveness with all internal stakeholders. We understand that we are in a people business industry.

Skye Xu’s favorite dish. I recommend the local Chinese delicacy, sweet and sour pork. A classic Chinese sweet and sour pork stir-fry recipe made with juicy pieces of pork tenderloin, pineapple.