Rose containerlines; navigating the world

The Rose team, with the ability of remote work, has expanded its workforce to cover nearly every corner of the U.S. They even have an executive business partner in Croatia to help liaison overseas business. The best thing about Rose is that even though there have been massive expansions in the past few years, the team still holds the core value of quality customer service and adding a personal touch to every interaction. This comes from Rose’s faithful leader Neal, who boasts being available at nearly every hour (you would truly be surprised by the time of day that calls are answered). Rose prides itself on having some of the best export pricing around and has partnered with many oversea agents to provide the same level of quality and low prices for imports as well.

Though there are Rose employees across the U.S., most remain within the New York area. The best part about being in New York is the atmosphere and energy of New York City. Much like the Rose team, New York is made up of some of the best cuisines around, mostly because flavors and styles are shared from all around the world. However, a team favorite is hot wings! These are fried chicken wings smothered in a spicy red hot pepper sauce – buffalo sauce – made famous by an upstate city where the sauce got its name from: Buffalo! For a fun spin on these classics, the Rose team is sharing a buffalo chicken wing dip!