Alfons Köster; The actual situation in the North America Trade out of North Europe is one of a kind

Now the high Volume of Export to North America is kicking in and based on the slow flow (in & out) of Cargo at the Terminals the situation is out of Control. Only this week we are facing 29 Vessels in Houston, 20 Vessels in Savannah and 10 Vessels in New York which are at Anchor outside of these Ports and are waiting for their Slot at the Terminals.

This number is constant and we did not see any relief here in the near future. These delays bring also the Ports here in North Europe into a bad position because the Vessel delays which are generated in North America screwed up the Operations planes here dramatically. As a result of these circumstances all Vessel to North America are heavily overbooked approx. 5 weeks in advance of the Departure plus we see Vessel delays of approx. 10 days in general for this Trade.

The Organization Alfons Koester is well prepared in this matter due to strong relationships with the Carriers in this Trade plus our own initiative that we are working close together with outside Carriers in this Trade which are calling RoRo Terminals (also with FCL Operations) and outside Ports like Wilmington, NC. for e.g. that are not hit by these Problems as hard as mentioned above.

If you need support for your Business in these areas you are more than welcome to get in contact with us. We are optimistic that we find together a workable and also suitable solution for you and your customers.

Jan Hansen