CHS, Finland's largest locally owned logistics businesses

We offer transportation, forwarding and storage services as well as versatile delivery chain management solutions. We are known as a flexible, dependable, and well-networked partner.

Our services cover all forms of transportations, 3PL activities, basic storage, and documentation activities like customs procedures. We can also support your business with special services e.g., temperature-controlled transportations, culture and art logistics, fair and event logistics, industrial projects and special transportations.

Our team has a long and extensive experience on industrial needs and supply chain management. We are also proud partner of the Finnish Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Olympic teams Finland.

Our latest customer satisfaction survey (2022) is a demonstrative example about our operating methods. The average statement on a 0-10 scale became 8.5. In this type of extensive survey this is a great result, and it reflects that our customers are very satisfied with the service they receive. Customers gave many positive reviews e.g., regarding easy, accurate and transparent co-operation, even during these challenging times (Covid -19 and the war in Ukraine).

Air & Sea

USA is considered a key market to CHS and our focus is to develop our transatlantic trade lane even further. Currently we have air cargo allocations from Helsinki to Chicago and Atlanta and on top of that we can serve multiple other destinations in US with the direct flights and weekly departures to main ports in ocean freight as well.

Road freight

CHS road operations office (Scanlink) moved in June to new facilities in Turku, Finland. Our road network from/to Finland increased during summer months and currently covers the following countries: Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France.