Charter five

Two charter aircrafts loaded with full medical supplies once again take off from Pudong Airport to Mexico on May 8 and May 12 respectively.

In the Mexican government charter on May 12, there were not only regular delivery of medical supplies such as masks and gloves routinely delivered, but there was an additional shipment of new supplies. This is the first time that the Mexican government has purchased a total of 48 ventilators from China.

Ventilator is a vital medical device that can prevent and treat respiratory failure, reduce complications, save and prolong the lives of patients. In this global new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the ventilator is undoubtedly the main force that pulls the patient back from the critical edge. We all know that it is an urgent task to deliver the ventilator to the people in need. We are very grateful for the support and assistance provided by East Air Logistics Co., Ltd., and the professional services provided by the staff of the East Air Cargo Terminal as well as the Customer Service Division to enable us to ship out quickly. Under their communication and coordination, in
the end, the 48 ventilators and other medical supplies were finally released and fully loaded.

Today, Mexico ’s new crown epidemic is still at a critical moment and cannot be taken lightly, and FS Shanghai is also doing its utmost to deliver more, faster and better medical supplies they need. Each successful release and loading is worthy of our cheering. Although sometimes we will encounter difficulties which might finally be turned into experience that will make our next one more perfect.